The Positive Side of Negative Space

It's a new year. We hope to make small changes within our homes and ourselves. Keeping it clean, more dinner parties, less clutter...

So often as a species of natural collectors, we find ourselves with just too many things! It isn't easy to be a minimalist, but there are a lot of advantages if you can pull it off. Furniture can make much more of a statement in a room that utilizes negative space. Living with bare essentials enables you to be extremely attentive to detail and carefully choose items that compliment your style. 


We can probably all agree that you want your home to be comfortable. How do we define a comfortable space? Blankets and soft sofas are not the only factor in feeling comfortable in a room. Your room should also feel inviting when you're not sitting down. This is where we can utilize negative space. Do you feel relaxed when you look around? Cluttered wall space and living areas can be an inhibiting factor in making a room relaxing and aesthetically pleasing. 


Curvature, material, design...we notice everything even if subconsciously. You are a curator of your living spaces. It is okay to be selective with pieces you surround yourself with. Negative space on walls may mean one large painting, poster, mirror, or frame. Buy less and buy better is a good motto to live by with your interior design ventures this year! Happy new year! 

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The Modern Organic Atmosphere

Trends are fleeting at times, but some really stand their ground. One that has seemingly never died out is the appreciation for a natural aesthetic. This design has evolved and made its way around in the world of architecture and interior decor. Natural materials and shades of neutral rule the day in many spas, resorts, hotels, and households. Organic modernism is about celebrating organic shapes as well as materials. Branches, trees, waves, get the idea. There is a reason we are so drawn to these designs and atmospheres, they're natural! We feel at home.

It's a common misconception that "modern" exclusively means employing sharp lines and edges reminiscent of industrial-chic. However, not all modern designs require that. Modern organic ties in aspects of irregularity and curves to compliment more structured surroundings. The use of natural materials are often prominently displayed in this design. Some that you may find around in a Modern Organic-styled home or business are wood, leather, teak, and linen. Try out this style in your kitchen, living room, dining room, or even bathroom! Don't be afraid to let these designs compliment various surroundings and aesthetics.

Lightwave Laser Wispy Palms Design, Twist Modern Side Table

Lightwave Laser Wispy Palms Design, Twist Modern Side Table