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We have many years of experience creating custom stencils, and whether you need one or 10,000 we are happy to help you with your project.

We make custom stencils for a variety of different uses:

  • Industrial stencils-Shipping containers, floor marking, identifying equipment, logos, etc.
  • Decorative stencils for faux finishers and muralists-We create a stencil from your supplied sketch. Provide your clients with the custom solution they want!
  • Stencil Lines-We laser cut stencils for many stencil companies. If you want to create your own stencil line, we can help. Services include artwork preparation, packaging, and drop shipping.

We stock the following materials:

  • Polyester-5 and 7 mil (.005" and .007" thick). Typical stencil material
  • Mylar-10 and 14 mil. Stronger, thicker material good for industrial uses and larger stencils.
  • PETG-20 and 40 mil. Extra thick material that lies flat. Great for pavement.

Pricing: The price for your project depends on these factors: artwork preparation time, material, stencil size, laser cutting detail, and quantity. Please contact us for a quote.

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