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What are custom panels? An artwork cut into a custom sized flat piece of wood.  Custom panels can be used many different ways:

  • Components to cabinet doors or other furniture applications
  • Built-in for room divider partitions or privacy screens
  • Design element directly mounted to walls, ceilings or archways
  • Return air registers
  • Window coverings

To get started, look at our library of patterns or floor screens for design ideas.  We can scale or modify these artworks, or create a new artwork from your provided sketch or photo. 

Price is determined by the art preparation time, size, and laser cutting detail.  A "typical" panel using our standard patterns is $100 setup plus $22 - $25 per square foot. 

Please contact us with your questions or to receive a quote.  We will discuss your project, and make suggestions to meet your timeframe and budget requirements.

* We cut the panels you do the installation.
We recommend you have a contractor for any complicated installations.


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