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Close Up of Sea Fan DesignMy work represents the integration of several lifelong interests-my love of nature, technology, and design.  I try to bring an organic feel to the process of laser-cutting wood. 


Most of my working life has been dedicated to management, computer programming, and engineering.  Luckily, I've worked for companies such as Lasercraft that manufactured decorative products using laser technology. This allowed me to participate in the creative process with many  talented designers and artists during the last 20 years.  I've always done art, but these were more private pursuits. Starting about two years ago, I began creating and selling laser-cut items with my own designs.  I'm happy with the current work, and am excited to develop other concepts in the future.


For inspiration, I seek out images and patterns in nature.  The starting inspiration transforms into a black and white artwork after many hours drawing on the computer.  The detail and complexity of nature is reduced to a 2-D, black and white artwork.  The construction process builds the simplified image into something more interesting.  The wood grain adds beauty and color.  The laser-cutting process adds dimension and shading on the edges.  The woodworking creates a standing piece using flat components.  The backing paper adds texture, and the light brings it together.  I hope that the finished piece conveys my fascination with nature in a clean design that is easy to live with.

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